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Hello Beautiful,

I'm Ms. Kyla, the face behind this amazing brand!  Thank you so much for supporting my dream!   Many of you may know me from the successful women's empowerment Facebook page, "She's Winning Inc. Social Club!"  I originally started She's WINNING in 2018 as a place where women could get daily inspiration & motivation.  After my Facebook grew to reach millions, I knew I'd found my true purpose!  As a preachers daughter from Ohio, inspiration comes natural for me.  Although I have a successful career in healthcare, my goal is to run She's WINNING full-time!  I love my life & I love what I do.  As a woman over 40, I know how hard it can be to start a business with little or no support; however, I want you to know that you're not alone!  By joining She's WINNING, you will be connected with a sisterhood of women who get you & will give you the ongoing support you need to GROW & exceed your business goals!  Whether you're a new business owner or you've had your own business for years, I can assure you that this is the club for you!   JOIN our tribe of WINNING women & start growing your business today!

Ms. Kyla Hughes
Founder & CEO of She's Winning LLC 

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I'd love to hear from you.  Please contact me via email with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Ms. Kyla CEO of She's WINNING LLC